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We manufacture the highest quality packaging

We are a manufacturer of crates, boxes and cases made of plywood or spruce and beech wood. These are standard and exclusive packagings for wine, spirits, confectionery, tea or souvenirs. We also manufacture wooden boxes and cases for tools and professional measuring equipment.

Our products enjoy a good reputation not only in Poland, but also abroad.

The company is able to manufacture products according to individual requirements of our clients. Our products may be painted, lacquered or flocked.

We own machines used for hot stamping and C02 laser engraving. For example, we may engrave any text, logo or symbol.

The company was established in the mid-90s, in the current form we have been on the market since 2000.

All our products are made with a special care for details to ensure the highest quality for our customers. Below you may find more details about our production.
Helena Lach
34-370 Rajcza 197c
NIP: 553 126 47 92
woj. Śląskie
tel. +48 609 823 319
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